Janitorial & Cleaning Bonds
PH: 1-866-546-4605
Janitorial Bond Annual Rates
Number of
Amount of Bond Coverage
5 or less
Call 1-866-546-4605 for rates if there are more than 8 employees.
What is the difference between a Janitorial Bond and a
Dishonesty Bond or a Cleaning Bond?
All three bonds are the same.
Are owners covered on a Janitorial Bond?
We always include the owners.
Are independent contractors covered?
A janitorial bond does not cover independent contractors
without prior notification to the insurance company.
Does your bond include a conviction clause?
Where are you able to provide bonds?
We currently provide California Janitorial Bonds, Florida
Janitorial Bonds, Georgia Janitorial Bonds, North Carolina
Janitorial Bonds, Mississippi Janitorial Bonds, New York
Janitorial Bonds, Arizona Janitorial Bonds, and Montana
Janitorial Bonds. If you are in a different state, please contact
Frequently Asked Janitorial Bond Questions
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